Coast to Coast Wining

What I’m drinking this week:

This week I stopped by Sanguis for a visit and scored a sneak peak of their fall release wines! Join their membership to get your hands on the five great wines in the Fall Lineup. Also stay tuned for the date on their fall release party, you won’t want to miss it.
Spoiler alert: The Bossman (pictured below) is not included in this release, but I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle. A beautiful blend of Syrah, Petite Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier, the Bossman is a big red, not for the faint of heart. With notes of dark berries, cherry, vanilla, and tobacco, it’s the perfect compliment to my husband’s famous smoked beef ribs. Don’t have a significant other with two smokers? This bottle would also pair wonderfully with a burger. Throw some caramelized onions, aged cheddar cheese, and a smokey aioli on there and get fancy with it if you like.


What’s new in the world of wine:

Last week 5 candidates earned the title of “Master Sommelier” after passing their exams at the Stift Klosterneuburg wine school in Austria. Earning that title is no small feat. If you’ve ever taken any of the exams or if you’ve check out the documentary, Somm, you may have a sense of the extreme dedication it takes to earn the title. Worldwide, there are 262 people that can check that box. This latest class welcomed the first ever female MS from Germany, first MS from Bulgaria, and first MS from Japan. Cheers to this group of dedicated people from around the world!


Wine from… Vermont?!?

Don’t let the blonde hair and California tan fool you, this wine lover is originally from New England. After discovering a winery from Vermont, I had to take this opportunity to make a shout to the Great Northeast. And, as we were just discussing natural wines a mere two weeks ago, it seems like an opportune time to share that Zafa Wines is bringing the trend to the Green Mountain State.
Zafa is getting a lot of press, from Bon Apetite, to Forbes, to Wine Enthusiast. Farmer and winemaker, Krista Scruggs, is getting accolades all over these publications as well as the ‘gram from winos nationwide. Is what’s in the bottle worth the hype? When I visit my fam next month, I hope to find out.

Sarah Robin