Santa Barbara Wine Concierge

"I would recommend Santa Barbara Wine Concierge for any occasion! Sarah is knowledgable and fun, and she offers such a unique product. Being able to enjoy delicious wine and cheese, while learning something new and avoiding the hassle of finding a DD or an Uber, is such a blast! Thank you for introducing me to new wines I didn't know I loved yet, cannot wait to enjoy this experience again!"

/  jasmine b.  /


"Tons of fun. Hassle-free. You'll want Sarah and her expertise at all of your dinner parties." 

/  caroline b.  /


"I had a ton of fun and learned a lot! I consider myself a newbie when it comes to wine knowledge, so it was great to get so much detail around the different varieties, their aromas, how different regions and growing processes affect the taste, etc. Sarah was very informative, and she also had a great sense of humor responding to some of the silly questions our group asked. It was nice to sit and enjoy all of the great wine in one familiar place with my friends, rather than my other experiences wine tasting, where usually half the day is spent in a car. I have nothing but compliments to Santa Barbara Wine Concierge for the experience they provide." 

/  Miles a.  /